TV Spots & Promos

Citi Self Invest
Morning Sun
Citi See Her Hear Her
Elizabeth Taylor: White Diamonds
Radio City: ‘Seat’
Radio City: ‘Family’
Linzess Commercial
Pillsbury Commercial
Softscrub Commercial
Tylenol Commercial
11Alive: ‘Where Atlanta Speaks’
Big East Promo
Big East Teaser
Big East Promo, Day 2
Verizon Ad: W/James Earl Jones

Radio Spots

President Obama | Charlie Crist Political Ad
Exxon Mobil

A couple of Exxon Mobil spots from my “car pooling days”. I shared the “stage” with a very talented group of actors in a big studio, where chairs were set up to mimic the front and back seats of a car. We recorded commercials every month or so for 2 years. Lots of improv and shenanigans— SO much fun

Exxon “Hopped up Howard” (Jen)
Exxon “Water for Coffee” (Jen)

Check me out doing the “rappin’ Mom” thang for McDonald’s

McDonald’s Treat
McDonald’s Ride